How Bad Plumbing Can Make You Sick

How Bad Plumbing Can Make You Sick It’s common sense to take extra precautions to stay well during cold and flu season, but did you know that your own drains are hiding a high concentration of contaminants and common bacteria? Bad plumbing can cause recurring illnesses from everyday tasks, such as bathing or washing your hands. You and your family may be exposed to Salmonella, E. Coli, or even Hepatitis without realizing that the cause is lurking in every room.

Poor plumbing can cause bursting pipes or leaks that allow moisture to get trapped in walls, ceilings, under sinks, and floors. This creates mold and the side effects that go along with inhaling dangerous spores into the body. A sewage backup that causes waste water to flow up through pipes is not only disgusting, it causes the greatest risk of exposure to dangerous diseases and possibly death in some cases. Take care of a clogged drain as soon as an issue is detected to make sure that the problem does not escalate. Pay attention to the smell of clean water running from faucets because it may indicate an issue with water contamination if the sewage pipes are leaking. Exposure of any type to cross contamination in the water source can lead to immediate irritation, feelings of illness, and the contraction of disease.

Never hesitate to address issues with drainage, pipes, or clogs as soon as there is an issue detected. It is not worth risking the health of yourself or your family to wait for any reason. The most minor leak can cause mold so an inspector should come out to an inspection at the slightest sign of moisture. Drain clogs must be handled with a high level of precaution to maintain safety. If there is a sewage backup, make an emergency call to a professional plumber so that you do not come in contact with dangerous contaminants. It is a good idea to avoid working with major clogs without help, but it is possible with the right protection. Always use a strong disinfectant after working with a sewer cable to dislodge clogs and wear heavy-duty rubber gloves instead of attempting the job with bare hands. Do not forget to wear safety goggles and disinfect the sewer cable once it is removed from the drain.

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