6 Ways to Prepare Your Plumbing for the Winter

6 Ways to Prepare Your Plumbing for the Winter
Every homeowner should take the necessary precautions to ensure that winter is not going to cause problems in the plumbing. Extreme cold can freeze pipes, cause the hot water heater to work overtime, and make small leaks into a major repair. Taking the time to winterize plumbing will keep your home safe no matter how bad it gets outside.

Fix Leaks

Check out every exposed pipe for leaks before the weather has a chance to cool off. Locate and repair even the tiniest drip because if it has a chance to freeze, the damage can spread to surrounding pipes.

Insulate Pipes

Wrap exposed pipes in simple insulation foam to prevent wasting hot water, sweating, and the risk of freezing. The materials are inexpensive and easy to install to give you the peace of mind when the temperature drops.

Perform Water Heater Maintenance

A professional system check and repair will keep you from making that emergency call to a plumber in the middle of winter. It doesn’t hurt to also add insulation to the outside so energy is not wasted if it is forced to work extra hard.

Purge the water from your sprinkler system

Remove all liquid from the sprinkler once it is shut off so that it is not able to freeze. The best way to make sure that nothing is remaining in the line is so have a professional clear it with compressed air.

Turn off Water going to your outside Faucets

Pressure builds up in outside faucets if the temperature causes still water to hit the freezing point. Not taking care of this minor detail often results in a leak or break in the water line.

Locate Your Water Main

All responsible homeowners should know exactly where to go to switch off the water main. Anytime you plan to leave the home for longer than a day, it is a smart preventative measure to turn the water off. In addition, if there is an emergency leak or a pipe is busted, shutting off the supply is the key to minimizing damage while waiting for repair.

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