What To Do In a Plumbing Emergency

Everyone will 

face a plumbing emergency sooner or later. Being prepared will put you one step ahead of potential water damage and long-term repairs:

Shut off the water supply.

To prevent further water damage first, find the source of the water leak or overflow. If it’s only one appliance, such as a toilet or sink, chances are that it has an individual fixture or valve that is the source of the leak. Some extra tips:

  • Toilet shut-offs are located behind the toilet on the wall.
  • Sink shut-offs are located below the sink, usually in a cabinet under the counter.
  • For washing machines and dishwashers, make sure the drainage trap is completely open – a partial clog can cause flooding.
  • Water heater leaks can be stopped by turning off the cold water supply above the heater. If you can’t close the valve, you will need to shut off the main water supply.
  • Gas water heaters can be stopped when you turn off the gas. The gas line should be black or yellow next to the temperature dial. Turn the red shutoff valve 90 degrees to turn off the gas.
  • Electric water heaters need to be stopped by turning off the power at your circuit breaker panel.

If you can’t find the source of the leak, but appliances aren’t working, the problem is probably your pipes. Locate the water shutoff valve in your home and open the outside spigots to drain the pipes. This will lead any water drop-off outside of your home rather than coalescing in the leaky pipes.

Move Furniture into a Dry Area

Keep damages to a minimum by moving all furniture away from the source(s) of the leak or problem. To quickly move large furniture, place aluminum foil under the legs.

Remove Standing Water

Don’t leave the water where it pooled during the leak, even if you plan to call a plumber! Mold can form within 24-48 hours, causing even more problems, such as damage to your flooring, drywall, or furniture. Use a mop or towel to clean up whatever you can, and be sure to open all doors and windows to air out the room.

Take Pictures and Notes

Insurance will want details about your emergency, so once the immediate danger is gone, take detailed photos and write up what you observe from the leak. You will want these to be protected in case of a big bill!

Step 4: Act fast and call Fast Response Plumbing for follow-up care!

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