Quick Tips on How to Get Rid of that Annoying Leaky Faucet

Quick Tips on How to Get Rid of that Annoying Leaky Faucet
Drip…drip…drip…drip…drip! It may be easy to tune out at first, but as the sound of a leaky faucet continues, it drives people mad. At Fast Response Plumbing we realize that some homeowners are handy and would rather try this repair on their own before they seek out a local plumber for a faucet replacement.

Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Before beginning, it is important to determine the type of faucet. The most common faucet, the compression faucet, has two handles: one each for hot and cold water. The second most common faucet is the ball faucet, which has a single handle rotating on a ball shaped cap. Cartridge faucets, the third most common, can have either a single handle like the ball faucet or a double handle like the compression faucet, but they will operate differently than both. A single handle cartridge faucet can only move only up and down or left and right, whereas a ball handle faucet can move in nearly any direction. A double handle cartridge faucet requires very little pressure to control water flow; a compression faucet requires decompressing or compressing the washer to control water flow. The least common faucet, the ceramic disc faucet, operates like a cartridge faucet with a single handle but has a wide cylindrical body to set it apart.

After determining the type of faucet, it is necessary to shut off the water before proceeding. To do so, the space underneath the sink must be cleared. There are two metal, and often flexible, pipes running from the sink to the wall or the floor that will lead to the shut off valves for the hot and the cold water. Both valves must be turned clockwise to be shut off. It is necessary to run the sink to drain any leftover water. Afterwards, the sink drain must be plugged to prevent losing hardware down the drain.

Compression and ball faucets are somewhat easier to repair. With a compression faucet, all the pieces need to be disassembled so the seat washer, which is usually the problem, can be replaced. For a ball faucet, which has many parts, a faucet repair kit must be purchased. The faucet repair kit will contain all the necessary pieces and special tools required.

If either of these repairs seems daunting or confusing, or if the leaky faucet is a cartridge or ceramic disc faucet, then it is best to reach out for professional assistance. Simply fill out the contact form, or call Fast Response Plumbing at (856) 430-8452


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