Why Plumbers?

plumberWhy do we need plumbers? I’ll tell you why…because we appreciate not having to use outhouses and we appreciate uncontaminated drinking water.

Plumbers protect our nation’s health in many ways. We make sure every home has running water, hot water, and proper disposal of waste water. This is the heart beat of every home that most Americans take for granted. Being a plumber is not a glamorous job but it is an important one.

In most homes the average day to day plumbing is not a problem, but then there’s the day that makes us wonder “Why me? Why now?” These are the days when the water heater goes, the drain backs up, or we find a major leak. These can all be very stressful and intimidating to all of us. How much damage was caused? Will I have to miss work for this? How much is this going to cost me? Could I have prevented this somehow? This could be the time to call a professional plumber. With his years of training and experience, he can get your home or business back to normal again.

So…what should you look for in a plumber? First and foremost, make sure the plumber is licensed! Feel free to ask for their license number, it is public information and you have the right to know who is in your home. Next, make sure they are insured. No one anticipates an accident or error, if it does occur you want to know that they are insured and the situation can be taken care of in a quick and efficient manner. Finally, check their website or a search engine for testimonials and coupons. Look into what people are saying about the company you are calling and what coupons they are offering. Keep in mind, some companies offer larger coupons than others, but the larger coupon might mean a larger price tag to begin with.

No one likes to call a plumber, just like no likes to go a dentist and get a root canal. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to, but when we do we need to make sure they are a professional.

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