Reasons for Low Water Pressure

When you’re trying to take a shower, few things are more annoying than low water pressure. But…what causes that low pressure in the first place?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes.


You Have a Leak Somewhere

If your pipes have sprung a leak somewhere in your home, it’s important you bring in a professional as quickly as possible – not only because of your water pressure but also because it can significantly increase your water utility bill.

You’ve Used Too Many Fixtures at Once

If low water pressure presents itself at seemingly random times, think about what else may be going on in your home. If you’re in the shower, is someone else doing the laundry, running the dishwasher, or flushing the toilet at the same time? If that’s the reason for the drop in pressure, there’s nothing to worry about!

You Have Buildup in Your Pipes

Many different types of debris can build up in your pipes over time– dirt or minerals, for example. If this debris creates a pipe blockage, your home’s water pressure will likely be compromised.

Your Water Supply Has Been Affected

It’s possible that low water pressure might not be a fault of your home’s plumbing. At times the municipal water supply your home uses can experience the same complications in its plumbing systems – buildups, leaks, etc.

Plumbing Contractors Sicklerville NJ

If you can’t figure out what the water pressure issue may be, don’t hesitate to call the best plumbing contractors in Sicklerville, NJ! Fast Response Plumbing is right around the corner and prepared to take on any job – big or small – with your home’s plumbing system. Whether it’s low water pressure, a faulty water heater, a clogged drain, or another plumbing issue, we’re the best team of technicians for the job!


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