What is the Purpose of a Backflow Preventer

What is the Purpose of a Backflow PreventerWater that comes from your faucets is kept safe by the use of a backflow preventer. The valve prevents contamination of drinking water and protects the pipes from allowing any foreign substances to enter the system. Consider that the average person may use water to clean out some type of container that holds chemicals, such as pesticides or gasoline. If pressure is higher than the water main, the dangerous chemical backflow is able to enter the system. Understanding how it works and why it is important in your home or business is necessary to ensure safe practices that prevents avoidable accidents.

How a Backflow Preventer Works

Water supply systems must contain a certain level of pressure so that when someone turns a faucet or flushes a toilet, the water comes out as intended. The flow is reversed if there is a major drop in pressure, which can happen if a pipe freezes or bursts unexpectedly. At this point, without a valve to prevent backflow, foreign substances enter the clean water supply. The easiest way to keep your water safe is to have a valve installed to provide an air gap in every spot that is connected to an opening. If there is any risk of contamination entering the supply pipes, a preventer valve can also be placed throughout the plumbing system. This way, no matter what happens to the water pressure, the air gap provides complete protection against backflow.

Why a Backflow Preventer Is Important

It probably seems gross to consider that dirt and debris are able to enter the ground irrigation system, resulting in muddy water flowing through your clean pipes. This is actually the least of the problems that can arise considering that hazardous chemicals are less evident when present. Fertilizer, insecticide, and poisons from the ground are lethal to a person if they drink contaminated water. There have been cases that gasoline was able to enter the water system and homes were destroyed as the result.

There is no reason to risk harm to your home and family, especially with such an inexpensive and simple solution. Check out our services and get in touch with us through the simple contact form. We are happy to come out to check valves, inspect your pipes, install additional hardware in any place that it is needed. This one simple step is enough to ensure that you do not have to worry about the condition of your water.


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