Plumbing Faucets and Fixtures

We offer many brands for faucets and fixtures! Plumbing faucets and fixtures include sinks, bath tubs,
waste, drains, traps and vents, garbage disposal, sinks, showers, and more! We will install and repair your fixtures. We offer all the brands below as well as many more. You can find information about each brand and see which one you like best!


Kohler offers bathroom and sink faucets. They take pride in water savings up to 30%. Check out their brochure on their kitchen faucets and what they offer! It is a family owned business that has been around since 1873.


Sterling offers everything from showers to sinks to toilets and showers. They have a reputation for innovative features to bathtub and shower doors with smart improvements for cleaning. They have a cleancoat technology that is installed for special surface treatment that keeps glass looking clean by preventing dirt and water minerals from collecting on the surface. Check out their catalog brochure.



Toto strives to create a great company that is trusted by people around the world and to contribute to the betterment of society. They offer all plumbing parts and take pride on their designs for an innovative new look. Check out their brochure catalog on what they offer!

American Standard

American Standard take pride in usability in mind, bathroom faucets from American Standard include advanced features that improve the functionality and quality of our faucets, without sacrificing on style. They have EPA water sense for conservation of water as well as ADA compliant.


The Gerber Avalanche toilet was recognized as the 2015 Top Pick by a leading consumer magazine. They manufacture professional bathroom, kitchen, and commercial plumbing fixtures. Check out their catalog with their products.



Mansfield Plumbing offers toilets made in the USA and high-quality plumbing fixtures. They take pride in going green as they reduce raw materials and natural gasses for each product. They also have a great warranty options. Check out their catalog on their products.


Grohe takes pride in being green as they established CalGreen which makes all buildings water reduce their water usage by 20 percent. There are many products that are CalGreen. They also offer great warranties. Check out their brochure





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