How To Check Your Sump Pump

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In our last post, we offered some plumbing tips for the summer months, including an inspection of your sump pump before the 

warm weather hits. Thunderstorms and potential flooding are some of the worst things that can happen to your plumbing. Don’t forget the last time you experienced a flooded basement and take the extra time!

Here is our how-to for a quick inspection of your sump pump and equipment:

Step 1: Check your outside pipe.

Part of your sump pump is the pipe outside of your home that catches the water as it drains from the pump. Make sure the inside of the pipe isn’t clogged by debris. Remove any dirt you see.

Step 2: Test the electrical outlet connected to your sump pump.

The sump pump will be located in your basement or mechanical room. From the pump, trace the two electrical cords plugged in the back to the electrical outlet. Unplug both, then plug in just one. The sump pump should turn on immediately. If the pump doesn’t turn on, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Don’t forget to reconnect the other plug!

Step 3: Run water through your sump pump with a five-gallon bucket.

Remove the lid from the sump crock. Fill up your five-gallon bucket and slowly pour water into the crock. Watch the sump pump switch: it should begin to pump water from the crock and drain the hole.

If you aren’t able to add water to the pump, you can lift the float arm and see if the pump turns on. Don’t do this for more than a few seconds as it can damage the pump motor. Keep in mind that this method won’t confirm whether the water will pump back out.

Step 4: Get a second opinion from the best plumbing contractors Mullica HillNJ!

If you find that your sump pump is not in top-shape, or if you need help with inspection, Fast Response Plumbing is the best solution! Our team of experienced plumbing technicians can give you the full report on your equipment and fix any problems that arise. Schedule your appointment today!


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