Can My Ceiling Fan Save Me Money

Can My Ceiling Fan Save Me $$$$?

At Fast Response Plumbing, LLC we are committed to providing our clients with the most energy efficient options for available. A great energy saving method is to utilize your ceiling fans! Running your ceiling fan will make you more comfortable in the summer AND winter. It will also give your AC and heating unit (and your wallet) a much needed break throughout the seasons.

What’s that button?fan button

Most homeowners aren’t aware that there’s a small button on your ceiling fan or fan remote control that will control the rotation direction of the fan. This little button will save you money in many ways. Visit this little guy at least twice a year to conserve energy from overusing your heating and air conditioning.


In the summer, your ceiling fan should spin counterclockwise. Counterclockwise will push cool air down to you creating a wind chill effect. This wind chill effect will make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler and lower the room temperature without having to lower the setting on your thermostat. Running your fan correctly in the summer will allow you to set your temperature higher without sacrificing comfort and overdrawing power from your air conditioner.


In the winter, your ceiling fan should spin clockwise. A clockwise rotation at a low speed will pull the cooler air up creating an updraft that will push the warm air down to you. The warm air circulating down the walls and towards the floor will make the room feel warmer. Running your fan clockwise in a low setting will increase your comfort and allow you to turn down your heat settings saving you on your utilities and preserving your furnace or boiler.

Is it really worth it to dust off the ceiling fan?

ceiling fan

YES! Running your ceiling fan accordingly will save you money. You will be able to increase the setting on your thermostat in the summer and decrease it in the winter. The less your heating and cooling systems run the more you save in utilities and the less wear and tear on your air conditioner, and furnace or boiler. Your ceiling fan will help you save money, save your units, and help with the thermostat battles (hopefully).

There is an Exception to every rule:

If your ceiling fan is mounted on vaulted ceilings, cathedral ceilings or high ceilings, it might be too high to provide you with all of the benefits mentioned earlier. If your ceilings are too high, the fan will not be able to create discernible wind chill and you should stick with the counterclockwise setting year round.


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