How to Avoid Sewer Line Problems

How to Avoid Sewer Line Problems
Pay attention to the early warning signs that there is a problem in the sewer or plumbing line before your home is damaged by overflowing sewage. A gurgling sound, slow drainage, or water backing up are major signs to watch out for. Prevention can be as simple as using common sense, educating your family, and keeping a mindful eye on your regular daily activities.

Drain Consciously

Washing dishes in a sink quickly becomes an issue if foods and other materials are not removed. Animal fat is one of the worst culprits as it builds up into a solid mass that is tough to dislodge. Always use a sink screen over the drain and never rinse oil or grease down the drain.

Flush Consciously

The toilet is designed to dispose of large waste, so it makes sense that these pipes are the largest in the home. Always make sure that materials flushed are intended for the toilet because it is typically the first drain to show signs of a problem.

Find Your Sanitary Sewer Line

It is important for every homeowner to know where the main sewer line runs, yet most do not. It’s easy to find if there is a clean-out somewhere in the yard because the line runs from it to the city line or your septic tank. If not, take notice of the location and direction that the sewer runs from your home. When in doubt, call us to go over all of your necessary plumbing basics.

Inspect the Ground Above Your Sanitary Line

Once you know where the line is, it is easier to keep an eye on potential problems. Make sure that there are no trees around that can cause damage as roots spread out. It never hurts to have the line professionally cleared out every couple of years if you have a few trees around the yard.

Be Proactive

You don’t have to wait for a clogged drain or sewer backup to have a professional clear the pipes. Always follow the guidelines for keeping your lines clear and free from large amounts of material that prevent the flow of waste. Maintenance is simpler and cheaper than putting it off until there is a need for emergency service.

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