9 Things You Shouldn’t Flush Down Your Toilet

9 things you shouldn't flush  down your toiletToilets tend to catch random objects with little regard to potential problems a simple piece of garbage can cause. Although some items seem as though they would be fine, there are definitely specific things you should avoid flushing to help prevent plumbing blockages.

1. Cotton balls:

Forget conserving space in the trash can by flushing cotton because it’s incapable of breaking down when exposed to water. As they continue to build in pipe bends, a slow drain can graduate into a full-blown clogged toilet.

2. Wet wipes:

Adults have started treating their behinds to special bathroom wipes designed to create a greater sense of cleanliness. These are not anywhere near as compatible with the toilet as believed, in fact, plumbers have a major bone to pick with the manufacturers because contrary to what the packaging says, these do cause plumbing blockages.

3. Baby diapers:

New parents make a lot of mistakes, but nothing is worse than using the toilet as a dirty diaper disposal. If you can manage to force such a large, absorbent object to flush then you’re looking at major plumbing damage the next time anyone tries to flush the toilet.

4. Paper towels:

Unexpectedly running out of toilet paper leaves people brainstorming for other household substitutes. Paper towels seem fairly similar to regular toilet tissue, but they’re not constructed with materials that break down in the pipes.

5. Prescriptions medications:

We’ve all seen movies where a criminal is pouring drugs into the toilet while the cops bang on the door. The medications dissolved in water could potentially cause significant plumbing damage, and groundwater contamination is dangerous to any people or plants exposed to it. Instead try and find a program in your community that will dispose of your medication in a safe manner.

6. Cigarette butts:

Flushing the end of a cigarette seems like a safe way to ensure the fire is completely out. Considering the concentration of dangerous chemicals that are able to contaminate the water, it’s best to keep a few ashtrays around to prevent exposing others to harmful ingredients.

7. Condoms:

Leaving used contraceptives out in the trash can is a pretty unappealing idea to entertain. However, the old flushing method needs to become a thing of the past because it’s incredibly damaging to your septic tank and septic systems. These devices don’t breakdown and may cause severe blockages.

8. Dental floss:

The tiny clogged toilet culprit sure to catch on any object hidden inside the drainage system needs to be considered a trash can-only item. If it wraps around other foreign objects, it becomes a contributor to complicated blockages.

9. Band-Aids:

Choosing water-resistant products to cover minor cuts and scrapes is sure to adhere to internal piping when flushed.
Even though you may follow these rules, clogged toilets still can happen. If that is the case feel free to call 856-430-8452 or schedule an appointment with us by filling out our contact form.


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