5 Mistakes to Avoid When Drain Cleaning

imgresWhen it comes to drain cleaning in your home, often times, we do everything we can to avoid calling a plumber so we can save a few bucks. However, more often than not, it will cause more harm than good. Here are five things to avoid when attempting to clean your drains:

1. Letting It Happen to Begin With

The easiest way to conquer a clogged drain is to prevent the problem from happening in the first place. Drains are designed to handle fluids, not hair, stringy vegetable peelings or oversize wads of tissue paper.

Spare yourself annoyance by using a hair catcher in the shower or tub when it’s time to shampoo, dumping vegetable peelings and similar kitchen materials into the trash and teaching your kids not to go overboard on paper use.

2. Careless Use of Caustic Chemicals

If your first reaction when the tub or sink drains slowly is to reach for a chemical drain opener, watch out. Not only that, chemical drain cleaners don’t work on solid clogs, such as hair, food or paper. Plus, overuse of these toxic products can actually erode or break down your pipes.

3. Sticking Things Down the Drain

Another common response to a clogged or slow drain is to grab the nearest broom handle, kitchen knife or coat hanger and stuff it down the drain to try and fish out the clog.

While this is occasionally effective if the drain is full of hair right near the surface, chances are, you won’t be able to reach the blockage. If you do reach it, however, you risk pushing it even further down, or simply getting the tool stuck in the pipe.

4. Grabbing the Garden Hose

Some people think the added water pressure of a hose will flush out the pipes and unclog drains. Usually, all this does is create a giant hassle for you and risk damaging your pipes. Leave the garden hose where it belongs– in the garden.

5. Fixing it Yourself

Unless you are a plumber or have experience plumbing, it is highly advised that you do not disassemble the piping to find the obstruction yourself. Again, you are more likely to damage your pipes than to actually fix the problem.

It is important to have your pipes cleaned and inspected regularly– at least once a year. Rather than stressing yourself out trying to clean your own drains, it is wise to call us! We know how to perform drain cleaning properly and efficiently without causing any damage.


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