4 Signs Your Bathroom Plumbing Needs to be Repaired

Located primarily beneath floors and behind walls, most of your plumbing can’t be seen. So then, how can you know when something needs fixing?

Good news: you’ve come to the right place to find out! We’re Fast Response Plumbing, the top plumbing company in South Jersey – and we’re here with four telltale signs that your bathroom plumbing is ready for repair.

Bathroom Repair

Water Pressure is Low

Have you noticed a drop in the water pressure coming from the faucet or shower? This could indicate a leak somewhere in your plumbing system, which is an issue that must be taken care of quickly.

Water Bill is Higher Than Normal

If you don’t notice a drop in water pressure, your wallet may be the first to notice a leak in your pipes. A unexpected increase in your water utility bill can certainly be a sign that there’s a leak that needs repaired.

Shower Water Won’t Stay Hot

Your shower will obviously be cold when first turned on each day. However, if the water doesn’t stay hot for an extended period of time, your water heater could need fixing.

Continuous Dripping

Whether it’s your sink or shower, if water is continuously dripping from it, something is wrong. This could actually mean that your water pressure is too high, causing water to drip out even when the faucet/shower head is off.

If you ever experience any of these warning signs, it’s important that you get your plumbing system repaired as soon as possible. If you don’t get it taken care of quickly, damage will only get worse, and your water bills will continue to increase.

And remember, whenever you’re looking for a plumbing contractor South Jersey, look no further than Fast Response Plumbing in Woodstown, NJ! We work hard to meet all of your plumbing needs, whether it be installation or repair. Call today!


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